Galileo! Galileo!

For hundreds of years, people have dreamed of Jupiter, the king of the planets. But the trip across the solar system is so long and dangerous that it seems almost impossible. This is the incredible, true story of NASA’s Galileo Mission. It’s narrated by the medieval genius Galileo, who connects with middle-grade readers in a humorous way. Strap in for this epic adventure of imagination, brilliance, and plain old grit!

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Mom's Choice Awards (Gold)


"Students of the history of space exploration are in for a wild ride, as Galileo himself steps in to narrate a vivid account of the Jupiter probe that was named for him… Propelled by its dramatic twists and graphic format, this makes a strong bid to launch younger middle grade readers into a continuing fascination with the space program." — School Library Journal

"Galileo! Galileo!  introduces children to NASA’s mission to Jupiter. Its colorful spreads and clear diagrams recap half a century of aeronautics research and space missions… The book is narrated in an informal, witty style by Galileo Galilei, the seventeenth century Italian astronomer who gave the mission its name… Heavenly bodies and other inanimate objects also get a chance to speak, while modern characters are drawn in a style that’s the Jetsons meets the Muppets… Ideal for classroom use or parent–child reading. Galileo! Galileo!  brings space travel down to earth through comics." — Foreword Reviews


Category:  Middle-grade graphic novel

Format:  Paperback

Price:  $13.99, which includes free shipping

Size:  6 x 9 inches

Length:  96 pages

Interior:  Full color on glossy pages

ISBN:  9781939360083

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Its publication date will be August 1, 2020.

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