Rosie McTozy

Born to a woman who had fantasies of being a trapeze artist but nonetheless became a librarian, Rosie came into the world on a library table, which happened to be near the nonfiction section. Legend has it that the first book she saw upon entering the human race was The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Her formative years were spent inside the library, perusing ancient history before discovering the Oxford English Dictionary. Her life's work was interrupted when she started kindergarten at the age of three.

Destined to be a librarian, Rosie is seldom seen outside the stacks. In fact, sightings of her are so rare that she has become a virtual "Where’s Waldo?" amongst her fellow librarians. To the best of our knowledge, she now divides her time between writing and compiling lists of new and unusual words for the OED.

Jane Donovan

Born to the same librarian mother, Jane is the infinitely younger and more outgoing half of the "Donovan and McTozy" writing duo. At first, Jane too seemed destined for a hermit-like existence, but after a stint of research for a physics department in Chicago, she shook off the dust of science journals and opted for a spicier life.

After a thorough examination of the Orient, she returned to the United States to continue her dashing adventures. She has been a chocolatier, a florist, an antique dealer, a toymaker, and a superb Legoist. In addition to being a writer, she carves out time to restore historic buildings, hunt for treasures, build gypsy wagons, collect tales, and of course, grow organic garlic. Living in a rural region of Minnesota, she shares her space with her rascally husband, children, and Mother Nature.

Katryn Nygaard

Katryn is a venerable old lady, who spends much of her time talking to her cat. When she’s not in a cat conversation, she is busy crafting, writing, golfing, and learning to cook, so her poor husband will have a decent home-cooked meal after thirty years of marriage. She is also patiently waiting for grandchildren, so she will have a captive audience for her stories.

Holly Trechter

Holly is a lot like Rosie McTozy.


A Twin Cities newspaper, the "Pioneer Press," published a story about Jane Donovan and Holly Trechter. Many thanks to the delightful Mary Ann Grossmann!