Esme Dooley and the Kirkkomaki Circus

 A circus is going through harrowing times, for someone is pulling wicked shenanigans! Caught in the conundrum, Esme and her cousin Tommy don their sleuth's hats to try to solve the mystery. 

Esme Dooley

Winner of a gold medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, this is a humorous tale of two cousins, Esme and Tommy. Calamity strikes, endangering their friendship, their hopes, and their very lives.  

Esme Dooley and the Kirkkomaki Circus : Coloring Book

This itty-bitty, mini, tiny coloring book (the perfect size for Esme) presents some of the pictures and text from Esme Dooley and the Kirkkomaki Circus.

Nordic Nod-Aways

 A humorous collection of stories set in Scandinavia during fairytale times, when frost giants roamed the earth, and Loki played tricks on mere mortals. Magic is everywhere!